Which jeans suit your figure?
Men‘s Issue

You should ask yourself this question before every shopping trip. It’s important not just to follow current trends and your personal taste, but also to enter your figure into the equation. Not all styles are one size fits all. We have created a guide to show you which fit is right for each figure. This will tell you exactly which model to look for so that you can find the perfect pair of jeans the next time you go shopping. We hope you have fun reading it – and shopping, of course.

Figure characteristics: Short, large bottom

Unlike with women, you as a man obviously want to distract attention from your behind rather than emphasise it. To do this, put on a pair of high-cut jeans, such as the MUSTANG Tramper or Oklahoma. Their high waistband and straight leg make them the perfect shape for your type of figure.

Welche Jeans passt zu Deiner Figur? Tramper Tramper 2 Oklahoma


Figure characteristics: Short, slim

Are you looking for a pair of jeans that makes you look taller? Skinny fits are the best solution for short and slim men. Our Vegas Skinny and Frisco jeans – the narrowest styles from MUSTANG – are the right choice for this type of figure. They put the focus on your slim legs, adding a few centimetres to your appearance.

Welche Jeans passt zu Deiner Figur? Vegas Skinny Frisco Frisco 2


Figure characteristics: Short, stocky

You want to look taller but you aren’t a fan of skinny fits? Then try a pair of bootcut jeans.

Welche Jeans passt zu Deiner Figur? Oregon Boot Oregon Boot 2 Oregon Boot 3


Figure characteristics: Short, athletic

If you’re slim but your leg muscles are too large for skinny fits, then the tapered models are the ideal jeans for you. Although they narrow off, they offer your thighs and calves much more room than skinny fits.

Welche Jeans passt zu Deiner Figur? Chicago Tapered Oregon Tapered K Tramper Tapered


Figure characteristics: Tall, slim

You can consider yourself lucky! Nearly every fit suits you. It’s up to you whether you like skinny or loose fits. You will look good in any pair of jeans.

Welche Jeans passt zu Deiner Figur? Chicago Tapered Vegas Michgian Straight


Figure characteristics: Medium height to tall, well built

Straight fits
are the best jeans for you. Jeans that are too narrow don’t offer you enough freedom of movement and can become uncomfortable quite quickly. Besides, they emphasise spots that you can easily conceal with straight fits.

Welche Jeans passt zu Deiner Figur? Tramper Oregon Straight Michigan Straight


If you would rather shop online, our virtual jeans assistant – the 'Fitguide' – will help you find the right pair of jeans for your figure.

We hope that our tips will help you always to find the right pair of jeans in the future.