The MUSTANG team

The MUSTANG team

Growing with the tasks

Marc Recktenwald

Head of Customer Service

Fashion has always been my thing. It was a decisive factor back when I chose my traineeship, and I do not regret that to this day. The people in this industry have a special way of doing things. Developing and implementing new ideas together with them just excites me. I felt immediately at home in the familiar environment at MUSTANG, and in the 16 years I've been working at the company this has not changed. Customer service is my calling, but the tasks and demands change regularly as time passes. This change also allows me to mature as a person. I was responsible for our company's licenced brands for a number of years. In September 2012, I was given total responsibility for leading the customer service department at the MUSTANG Group. As an athlete, I am also constantly looking for new challenges. I have been playing tennis for years. I use this same ambition in my job. In doing so, I get lots of support from my team because, unlike in tennis, we are stronger together.

It's excellent to be a part of this great company history

Laura Dormeier

Junior Designer MUSTANG Women

After studying design, I wanted to join a successful international company as quickly as possible. When I was accepted for an internship at MUSTANG, I was incredibly excited. As a huge denim fan, I was very pleased to be able to draw on the company's many years of experience. After my internship, MUSTANG offered me a role in the team as a junior designer for women's wear. How could I possibly decline a job offer from this classic brand? To be able to contribute here is a real challenge – every day. That really drives me. In addition, MUSTANG has always remained true to itself. I have a tremendous amount of respect for that, because it requires courage and discipline. Now I am a part of this great company history and look forward to continuing my journey together with MUSTANG.

Simply at home

Manfred Müller

Maintenance Manager

MUSTANG and I have a long history together. I've been with MUSTANG since 1978. I began my career as a sewing machine technician at the workshop in Künzelsau. Throughout my time with MUSTANG, they have given me the chance time and time again to go on courses and do further training. Today I'm not just a maintenance manager, I am in charge of building services for the entire headquarters. In 2002 I was appointed as the safety officer for the company. I also contributed towards the company's international expansion in Russia and Hungary. The trust shown to me over the past 35 years has motivated me anew every day. The long-term friendships, enormous amount of team spirit and joint objectives at MUSTANG are really unique.