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True Denim – True People

Behind every strong brand is a strong team.

The secret behind Mustang's success is its people: strong personalities with a pioneering spirit, passion, drive and a strong sense of unity.
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Culture and values

A genuine, strong corporate culture that is lived out in practice cannot be predefined or described in a glossy brochure. It grows through daily actions, role models and over a long period of time. Our cooperation is characterized by respect, fairness, diversity, openness and trust. And this has been the case for over 90 years.

Accordingly, our philosophy of "true people", i.e. "being true", "being real" and "remaining true to oneself" has accompanied us for a long time. Therefore, our working atmosphere  is characterized by a lot of creative freedom, flat hierarchies, reliability and a human cooperation.

Mustang's success is also based on strong values that run as a common thread through our brand, our attitude and our togetherness: Pioneering Spirit, Heart and Soul, Drive and We.

Living and working

Success is not a matter of course. It comes about when everyone in the team makes their best possible individual contribution. And to be able to do this, you should feel comfortable, enjoy your job and be able to contribute your strengths. Our daily interaction and our understanding of leadership, which is characterized by responsibility and example, contribute to this, as do our numerous offers to promote the satisfaction of our team.

For example, with extensive mobile office arrangements, flexible working hours and various part-time models, we offer a wide range of options for achieving a work-life balance, actively support asset accumulation for retirement, and ensure a relaxed and positive working environment with numerous employee events and our office dog scheme.

Schwäbisch Hall, the location of our headquarters in the northeast of Baden-Württemberg about 35 km east of Heilbronn and 60 km northeast of Stuttgart, also has a positive effect on the well-being of our colleagues: The cultural, sports and leisure activities on offer are varied. The varied nature with mountains, forests and lakes ensures a high quality of life, as do the good infrastructure and transport connections.

Learning and developing

Our goal is to bring out strengths, promote individual development and build up competencies for practical use. That's why we support trainees and junior staff as well as professionals with many years of experience with the help of various approaches: from training courses to project work, but also with targeted support for in-service training and qualification measures.