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Mustang stands for responsible corporate governance. Sustainability should become a matter of course in everything we do.
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We must protect the environment for future generations. That is why we are committed to corporate sustainability and its three pillars: environmental, social and economic sustainability. We as a company seek to act in ways that meet today’s high standards without compromising tomorrow’s endless potential.
To do this, we established our Corporate Responsibility Board (CR Board) in 2019, which is tasked with defining and implementing our sustainability strategy. It is headed by our CEO and our employees of all levels and divisions are its members. They work together to make our company more sustainable.

Our sustainability strategy is based on the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the „Sustainable Development Goals“ they promote.
This strategy involves every aspect of our company, from production and purchasing to marketing, retail and logistics. Our entire team is actively engaged and highly motivated to achieve our goals. Sustainability is our benchmark and the cornerstone of our decisions.


We are working towards clear goals.
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Animal welfare

Our Animal Welfare Policy commits us, among other things, to ensuring that we increasingly source products containing animal fibres or substances in a responsible and ethical manner.
Mulesingfree wool
For more animal welfare, we actively support initiatives such as the Vier Pfoten campaign against mulesing.
Fur-free products
We joined the international „Fur Free Retailer Program“ in 2020, an of the Fur Free Alliance.
No precious hair
Due to serious violations of animal welfare we do not use angora, alpaca, mohair or cashmere.
Silk free products
Since silkworms are bred and then killed exclusively for the production of silk.
down & feather free
No down and feathers
We do not use down or feathers from any bird.
certified wool
since 2024
Certified wool
We are certified according to the Responsible Wool Standard.
From 2024 – Einsatz von 100% use of 100% certified wool.
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We have already achieved that:
As of the second quarter of 2020, we work solely with certified suppliers.
To promote the circular economy, we have been offering the opportunity to recycle our products in our stores since mid-2022. In this way, your discarded clothes are turned into new clothes again.
As of the second quarter of 2020, our manufacturing and finishing processes are 100% free from any of the substances on German Fashion’s Restricted Substances List (RSL).
In addition, we have been a member of the "ZDHC" (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) since the 3rd quarter of 2022 with the aim of integrating sustainable chemical management at our production sites in conjunction with the introduction of a "MRSL" (Manufacturing Restricted Substance List).
We still want to achieve this:
By 2025: Switch to LED and renewable energy in all our stores and branches.
In order to drive sustainability ever further forward in all areas, we continuously set ourselves new goals. We are currently working on more environmentally friendly manufacturing and finishing processes, full traceability in the supply chain and the point at which we can achieve climate neutrality.