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1932 – Future

At Mustang, we don’t simply sew jeans – we weave stories too. Stories of Heinrich and Luise, and of Albert and Heiner. Stories of daring deals and sizable sales – of orders that grew from 300 to 23,000 per day. Stories that began in Künzelsau, Germany and spread throughout the world.
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Albert Sefranek marries Luise Hermann’s daughter and trades six bottles of regionally distilled schnapps for six pairs of original “Yankee” jeans, laying the cornerstone for a German success story in the denim business: they started producing jeans by using the pattern of the traded denims. That made Mustang become a pioneer in Denim manufacturing in Europe.


Inspired by the popular “American Way of Life” at that time, the brand name Mustang is registered and internationally patented. It symbolizes the freedom of the Wild West and presents itself with a corresponding company logo featuring a wild horse designed after a Mustang.


Heiner Sefranek joins the company in the third generation of owners. With his remarkable brand and market acumen, he transforms Mustang into an internationally recognized denim brand.


15 wild Mustangs and Crow Westerman (Native American famous for his role in “Dances with Wolves”) are the protagonists in the international TV and cinema commercial “Moondance”. Director Erich Ifergan spectacularly presents the wild horses galloping through downtown Los Angeles.


Mustang grants licenses for bags and socks to expand its range of lifestyle products.


Mustang surpasses € 100 million in sales and establishes a Corporate Responsibility Board to ensure the development of its 360° sustainability approach.


Mustang launches the “TRUE SIZE” collection, expanding its repertoire to include larger sizes.

Mustang Museum

For the 75th anniversary in 2007, the interactive Mustang Museum was opened in the founder's house.
The museum is open to the public on request.
Opening hours
by telephone arrangement
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MUSTANG MUSEUM für die Zukunft
Austraße 10
D 74653 Künzelsau
+49 170 9261601
4,50 €
Children up to 6 years
Admission free
Children from 6 years
2,50 €
2,50 €
Family ticket
10,00 €
2,50 € / person
Groups from 8 persons
by telephone arrangement