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True Difference

True Change is only possible if we work together.

Strong partners help us achieve strong sustainable growth. That is why we are members of many organizations and initiatives, and why we value partnerships that are built on long-lasting trust.

Our goal is the same – sustainability.
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German Fashion Verband

The German Fashion Modeverband Deutschland e.V. provides its members with advice and support on industry-specific topics as well as networking opportunities and helps establishing business contacts. It represents the political interests of the German fashion industry on a national and European level and disseminates information to the public via public relations activities.
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We joined Better Cotton in December 2020. Better Cotton is the world’s largest cotton sustainability program. It aims to support cotton communities while protecting and restoring the environment. Better Cotton trains farmers around the world in more sustainable farming practices. These include maintaining soil quality, and reducing water consumption and the use of harmful chemicals. In addition, Better Cotton advocates for the rights and welfare of cotton farmers. Better Cotton is kept separate at farm – and gin-level, but it is blended with conventional cotton at the spinning mill. This is known as the mass-balance system and it enables sustainable cotton to enter the supply chain faster.

Fur Free Retailer

The Fur Free Alliance is an international coalition of over 50 leading animal and environmental organizations. It works to bring about the end of fur farming and fur trapping and is supported by millions worldwide. The Fur Free Retailer Program was created by the Fur Free Alliance. It aims to help people shop fur-free and convince fashion chains to stop using real fur. Four Paws is the official representative for the Fur Free Retailer Program in Germany.